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“The most advanced complexity is purity.” Leonardo Di Vinci



TRAIL is a specialty apparel + accessory company owned + operated by designer, Tancie Trail. All designs are hand cut and sewn in house in our design + retail space 1 mile from the beach in LA, CA. First sold at a popup on Abbot Kinney in 2014, TRAIL has since sold to select boutiques in LA and the Hamptons, offered it’s first formal collection in 2017. Now TRAIL is made to order, available direct and at select boutiques.


skin / the 70’s / japanese design / france / mid century modern minimalism / burlap
purity / nudity / sophistication / simplicity / classics / authenticity / presence

A hand chosen life, consuming less, connecting more, fewer better things, effortless chic, clean smart classy, a few easy pieces, loving everything you own, only own what you love, discovering how beautiful clean + clear can be.


TRAIL reveals an uncomplicated world of clean simplified design, refined shapes constructed with as few stitches as possible. Shades of charcoal, sand, chalk and coral were chosen for their ease of wearability, alongside our classic breton stripe. Authentic textures meet high quality construction and attention to detail in our finely hand crafted process of making one piece at a time.


A third generation dress maker in the French Scottish lineage, Tancie makes every pattern, first sample and has been the lead sewer of TRAIL goods since the start. Each garment + accessory is made from reclaimed leather, imported linen or locally sourced cotton silk, which is then individually hand dyed by piece. Hand cut versus machine marks the visceral difference between a crafted garment and something mass produced. As the hands extension of the body and breath ebbs + flows, the line of a garment is organically cut capturing the essence of that moment. Focus, creativity, confidence, steady ease and grace. The luxury + simplicity of human connection can be felt when wearing TRAIL.


Our distinguished client is, among other things, a minimalist. She covets a good find discovered off the beaten path, looks for simplicity in all aspects of life, in all objects she uses and especially in the garments she chooses. She gravitates toward perfection. This is evident in the style of her life and her clothing. She is effortless chic.


“You will live in our clothes!” Tancie Trail, owner/designer